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Sephora:   Who’s excited for Grand Opening Sephora DP Mall ? Enjoy exclusive opening-day beauty services and offers from some of our top brands and Beauty Advisors. Colorbox:     The wait is over ! New excitement is coming to you this May Gulugulu:   Gulu Gulu is now officially open at DP Mall Semarang with its authentic Taiwanese Cheese Tea that offers a unique tea drink experience Kimukatsu:   Kimukatsu will open soon at DP Mall. Come visit us, we jam every plate we serve with loud and crunchy katsu’s for everyone Rubi:         Step up in women shoes from Rubi. Rubi will open this May at DP Mall The Executive:     Let's experience the new THE EXECUTIVE at DP Mall this May. Enjoy special offers inside the stores. Come and bring along your friends. Semarang Photo Fest: We are proud to announce our event as designed to bring practitioners, hobbyists, and lovers of photography together to inspire and be inspired. Be it in the form of exhibition, workshop, talkshow, hunting, competition, history, phone book.